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About Holy Family Catholic School

Holy Family Catholic School serves children from age 3 to 8th grade.  Holy Family Catholic School is an extension of the education ministry of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph Catholic Parish.  Our life in Christ presents us with a unique way in which we perceive and interact with the world.


Catholic education began in Arcadia with the opening of St. Aloysius School on September 3, 1889 with an enrollment of 58 students.  Two School Sisters of Notre Dame, Milwaukee, were in charge.  Enrollment grew, and on February 12, 1918, the trustees of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish decided that a new school needed to be built.


St. Stanislaus School was opened in March 1914.  Two Sisters of St. Joseph from the Stevens Point motherhouse were the first teachers at St. Stan's.  Religious training was stressed, and both English and Polish languages were taught in all eight grades.


A major development was the consolidation of St. Aloysius and St. Stanislaus schools.  Although the decision to combine the two schools was a difficult one, the practical aspects of higher school cost made the merger workable.  The consolidation took place in September of 1968 and coincided with a Diocesan-wide readjustment of teaching sisters.  The Notre Dame sisters who had served St. Aloysius School were moved from Arcadia, and the Sisters of St. Joseph, who had served St. Stanislaus, were assigned to the new Arcadia Catholic School.


Arcadia Catholic School developed with the combined staff of nuns, lay teachers, and pastors.  The parishes and school board formulated a goal of providing quality Catholic education that was open to all children.  Arcadia Catholic School also included students from Sacred Heart Parish in Pine Creek, beginning in 1976, and St. Michael's in North Creek.  With the closure of two Catholic churches--St. Michael's (2003) and Our Lady of Perpetual Help (2005), a new parish--Holy Family Parish was formed. Our school's name then changed to Holy Family Catholic School.


In November of 2009, we moved into our beautiful new facility which is located at 532 McKinley St.  Our new school sits on the site where the old St. Stanislaus school building once stood.  It is used for our preschool-8th grade Catholic School, K-8 CCD program and Confirmation classes.   Arcadia has been blessed with 125 years of sound Catholic education.



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